Linda used EMDR on me and this helped me to transcend my trauma and reconnect with my higher self. We explored The basis of my shame, but I joke that the EMDR was like a magic wand and I am doing so much better than I have found myself dealing with the aftermath of this event in an objective manner. I have truly surprised myself as I never thought I would have come this far!
Client BG
It was nice just to have someone to talk to that wasn’t affected personally by what was going on in my situation like my family and friends who didn’t get it and frustrated me with their constant misguided advice.
Client FC
Dr. Thompson is extremely compassionate and non-judgemental. She is so present I can feel her tuning in to me! She taught me to recognize what I want and need and to communicate effectively with my partner.
Client EZ
I am in my 80’s and I was not sure what a therapist decades younger than I could offer me in therapy, but I have grown so much. Initially, I came in for hypnosis to help with chronic hip pain. Dr. Thompson recorded the session on my phone so that I could listen to it every night as I fell asleep. I am no longer experiencing hip pain! We also discussed my grief around my husband’s stroke which left him unable to speak. This was difficult for me because he was a high functioning and well-respected professional prior to this instance. People around me kept telling me that he was still there, but Dr. Thompson explained to me that this is complicated bereavement because the man I knew and loved was gone but his physical body was still here so in a sense I was stuck in limbo. Given my own advanced age, I began to question what happens afterlife and Dr. Thompson helped me understand my own spiritual beliefs better. Our sessions were deep. We discussed the existence of God as I found myself doubting for the first time in my life and afraid. Based on my own spiritual beliefs, Dr. Thompson guided me back to my sense of connection to something greater than myself and reminded me to trust this.
Client AG
I didn’t realize that I am on the autism spectrum. I always wondered what was wrong with me but now that I have a diagnosis, I am better able to understand myself and my difficulty with becoming overwhelmed. Working with Dr. Linda, I realized that I was expecting availability and responsiveness from everybody else in my life, but I was not being available or responsive to myself because I had learned to mask so well and people please. She helped me to, first of all, notice when I was doing this and secondly, gave me skills to cope when I started to feel that my beaker was getting full. She also helps me to realize that I am the only one who can ever truly be there for myself.
Client VS
Dr. Linda made sure I always felt safe, and this was important for me because I have a history of trauma. I was always in the driver’s seat, but when I needed guidance, she took the wheel and taught me a new skill, or took me down a new road I wouldn’t have previously ventured.
Client LK